Quote: Franco Russoli

“These organisms, whose physical being is sometimes flabby and sometimes porous, at other times osseous but fragile, breaking open to display huge colonies of seeds or bulbs which grow and ferment in the blind hope of some vital metamorphosis, that seem to struggle against a soft, but impenetrable skin – these abnormal creatures with pointed or horny protuberances, or petticoats, skirts and fringes of fibrils and pistils, articulations that are sometimes mucous and sometimes cartilaginous, might well belong to one of the great families of jungle flora, ambiguous, savage and fascinating in their monstrous way. ┬áBut they do not belong to any species in nature, nor would the most expert grafting ever succeed in bringing them into existence.”

-Franco Russoli, Una botanica inquietante (Il Milione, Milan, 1973)

(fictional scientist quoted in Leo Lionni’s Parallel Botany)

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