Watching Wildlife

In Watching Wildlife, excerpts of 82 amateur YouTube videos that capture wild animals on screen are combined with audio narration excerpts from the 1982 inaugural episode, ‘Watching Wildlife’ from the acclaimed TV wildlife documentary series Marty Stouffer’s Wild America. An iPhone’s built-in video camera was used to record each of the YouTube video excerpts from a computer screen. Each of the video excerpts is a top search result when performing keyword searches in YouTube, such as ‘bison yellowstone,’ and each keyword search performed to find the videos corresponded to original footage or narration in the TV episode.

The original TV episode ‘Watching Wildlife’ espoused the value of observing wild animals, and today it provides an opportunity to look at how handheld video recording technology and social media sites have transformed the way we experience and represent wild animals.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This work is not for sale.

Listing of the YouTube videos included in this video, (credit is also given at the end of the video to each of the original content authors):

2010 Canyon Vista Campsite BlueJay.avi – bobshannon1
Amazing Hummingbirds of Canada – JCVdude
Anchorage Neighborhood Bull moose fight – 69jill
ASIMO Reading Message(10th ANNIVERSARY) – RoboTimes
Asimo_Commercial – videosblog
Av,hunting,wild partridge life,water ,drink – cilfaoglu
Bear breaks in car at clingmans dome, smoky mountains, TN – 01richwood
Bear feeding in Yellowstone – craigantill
Bison fighting – xlbsf
Buffalo / Bison Attacks Woman Tourist at Yellowstone [HD] – luisanthony
buffalo attack – hawbster
California Condor Eating Deer Heart – jimpus
California Condors at the Santa Barbara Zoo – seandchoi
California Ground Squirrel Warning Call – 2canzz
Canada Geese Taking Off – SheriAmsel
Cardinal feeding baby birds – Awesome! – ryandasan
Chipmunk Eating – ArauseR7
Chipmunk Females Feeding 5 – cenobiker
Close Wild Owl on Halloween- Barred? Swoop -What kind? – IrenaScott
Collared Peccaries/Javelinas (Pecari tajacu) – drober11
Conversations with Deer in the Yard – PelorianPages
Coyote Called Up 10 Feet Away – WIseWingnut
Coyotes in the Neighborhood – ivymike1031
Cute Raccoons Family Rumaging through Trash – MyClickTo
Deer Crossing Road 1 – Wild Deer – Elk – Truck Almost Hits Deer – Best Shot Footage – Stock Footage – bestshot1
Deer in San Antonio – Astropaq
Elk in Yellowstone – pineapplefriedrice
Elk migration near West Yellowstone – smileycoyote
Everglades Alligators – jcesar085
Flock of Birds Feeding in Winter – Deverie5
Flock of roosting black Birds in Parking Lot, 12-25-2009, MVI_2380 – uploadJ
flying pigs!!!!! – triviumaddict1992
Foxes Jumping on my Trampoline – Samron
Giant Flock of Birds – Elizacoco
Goose Hunting MHF Outdoors Late Season – nickjohnson04
Grand Canyon wildlife – Mule deer & Kaibab squirrel.WMV – naturespix
Grizzly Bear Chasing Moose in Moose, Wyoming HD – dleemnmn
Grizzly bear’s 40th birthday celebration at Wildwood Zoo (Ms. Grizz) 1080 HD – moskeneer
Ground Squirrel Call – TheOriginalMsReena
Hare (Jack Rabbit) vs .17HMR Sako Quad @ 90m – ccc0mb0IIIIIIbReakeR
Herd of Deer In The Yard About 9 – StormsFishingNMore
Kissing Prarie Dogs – brklynrider
Little fox trying to bite big bear in the butt – Fuchs ärgert Bär! – Etcircenses
Living With Robots – Honda
Male deer eating in yard – TraceyMush
Moose-male and female – xlbsf
More Collared Peccaries (Pecari tajacu) – drober11
Mountain Lion Stalks Quiet Neighborhood 6/29/08 – kntrounds
Old Faithful Yellowstone National Elk Geysers Buffalo – doogie1136
Osprey Attack Kill Dive Nestling Nest Feed – IrenaScott
Osprey Buiding a Nest – akampfer
Over 30 Bald Eagles in the back yard – Honanooligans
partridge family freakout – nurserin
Pigeons bathing in New York City – kimdayne
Pika & Marmot – peakbagger77
Porta Hedge Rolls Past a Buffalo – justinshull
Rabbit shooting with night vision – NightHunterUK
Raccoon Stuck In Trash Dumpster – TheCommanders
Red Tailed Hawk – Central Park New York (long version) – blakewilliam
Spotlight on the deer in the bush – InEyes
spotlighting deer. – westcoastpighunt
Stalking Animals-Episode 2-Ms. Bee – Yippeee
Stalking Animals-Episode 9-Swan Lake – Yippeee
stalking yardbunnies – 01KravenMoorehead
Talking Beaver on the Highway – klaatu42
The Male Moose – Geegerz825
Twin baby moose in sprinkler – arcticsooner
Very tiny friendly wild mouse – 740205
Whitetail Deer attacks Hunter – deerbeards
Whooping Crane (Grus Americana) – khaledazamnoor
Whooping Cranes – aptucxet
Whooping Cranes – International Crane Foundation at Baraboo – knreinke
Whooping Cranes 912 & 915 visit Muskatatuck NWR – danbirdman
Wild chipmunk stretches & yawns – elanicstuff
Wooping Crane Aransas Wildlife Refuge Texas – Gonebirding610
Yellow bellied sapsucker – utlaw97
Yellow bellied sapsucker 2:2:09 – PhilipHerman
Yellowstone elk # 6 – October 2008 – paulhsommer
Yellowstone Elk Bugling – dobrowder
Yellowstone Grizzly Bear with babies – chrisdon2