Porta Park

custom trailer, recycled artificial turf, artificial flowers, artificial trees, animals and insects
8 ft x 16 ft x 8 ft

Porta Park is a new kind of public park in nine plastic modular mobile units.

Modular and mobile, Porta Park brings green space to the urban environment. Unlike the conventional city park, Porta Park allows for convenient relocation and expansion. This maintenance free park is 100% safe and 100% fun. Advanced technology artificial turf, trees, flowers, and park animals reproduce the relaxing and enjoyable ambiance of nature for city dwellers that need a break from the commotion and concrete.


Porta Parks are built on flatbed trailers in a variety of sizes, and can be towed away when needed. This mobile park can go anywhere! And municipalities can appreciate that Porta Park offers an instant alternative nature experience without the complications involved in establishing a conventional city park.