Porta Hedge (Backyard Aviary)

custom trailer, artificial Christmas trees, wood, stained glass windows, birdsong audio
21 ft x 6 ft x 5 ft

The Porta Hedge (Backyard Aviary) doubles as a green privacy wall and as a retreat for the individual pursuit of isolated study, including birding and naturalism in the backyard or wherever the Porta Hedge may be parked. The dark wooden interior, reminiscent of a 19th century study, is scaled to accommodate young aspiring birders. Inside, one finds peep holes, a bird cage, a study desk, a library of field guides, a rooftop observation hatch, and stained glass windows. One can also play prerecorded birdsong on the exterior of the Porta Hedge to attract other birds, or to give the illusion of wildlife within the hedge’s recycled Christmas tree branches.